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Right to Manage

The right to manage is the statutory right for flat owners to join together to overcome the management of the building.

It is an alternative economical option to buying a freehold and provides the chance for the flat owners to choose their own managing agents, to create an agenda for the maintenance of the building and ultimately to ensure substantial savings on items such as administrative charges and building insurance.

The right to obtain the management of a building is not reliant on the landlord having acted neglectfully, or the building being maintained at a poor standard.

That being said, the procedure is incredibly technical. Disgruntled landlords are prone to exploiting minor irregularities to dispute right to manage claims, but our commercial solicitor team have proven themselves to be able to best even the most troublesome landlords.

A successful right to manage claim is an excellent platform from which to launch a claim for the ownership of the freehold.

We also offer a range of services once the right to manage has been acquired including management and company secretarial advice.

We were one of the first firms of solicitors to be listed by LEASE the government backed Leasehold Advisory Service.

If you are unsure whether the right to manage is appropriate for you, we are happy to meet with you free of charge to discuss the options.

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