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Lease Extensions

To maintain the value of a flat, the flat owner has the statutory right to obtain an extended lease. This is an alternative to the flat owners joining together to purchase the freehold from the landlord and forces the landlord to grant an extended lease for a fair rate.

It’s normal for a landlord to grant an extended lease without the flat owners having to use the statutory claim but the right reinforces this policy. Our team of commercial solicitors are capable of providing the best course of action to take in every unique case and if it is required we could recommend a specialist valuer, whom we will liaise with to obtain results that meets the needs of our client.

Whether you’re selling or buying a flat, and need help with understanding lease extensions, we are able to provide you with timely advice to make sure your lease extension proceeds alongside your transaction.

We were one of the first firms of solicitors to be listed by LEASE the government backed Leasehold Advisory Service.

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