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Lost or Destroyed Title Deeds

Paul Williams, LLP Partner & Head of Conveyancing

14th June 2017

One of the first questions we ask clients when they decide to sell is, “Where are the title deeds relating to the property?” More often than not, the response we receive is that the title deeds are with their lender. We always check with the lender but in the majority of cases we are told that they are not holding any title deeds. The reason for this is that most lenders do not feel it is necessary to store title deeds as the legal title of many properties in England and Wales are now held electronically at the Land Registry.

If your property is registered at the Land Registry, then the loss of the title deeds is not normally a major problem. It is easy to obtain copies electronically from the Land Registry. The cost of obtaining copies is minimal. It is, however, recommended that you keep any deeds that you have in a safe place.


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Lost or Destroyed Title Deeds and the importance of first registration



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